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Living Superior  ® Artist Showcase

Arts & Entertainment

Living Superior ® provides readers with a wide range of newsworthy pieces on a number of different lifestyle topics. Whether you’re looking for fashion tips, art news, or the latest updates on your favorite band, Living Superior ® is your best pop culture source. Check out some of our latest articles below.

Music Festival

Summer Lake Festivals

Summer 2023

Social distancing? Social whatever. Kill the virus* and other forms of cabin fever with sunny outdoor fun, rocking, rolling, hipping, hopping, jumping, jiving, and honky-tonking next to your favorite body of water, and other bodies that bring you joy.

* Not meant as medical advice.

Image by Chermiti Mohamed

Romantic Retreats

Summer 2023

Dude, your lady friend should not have to do ALL the work planning your next trip. Luckily, we did your research for you to make you look like Mr. Smooth. Feel free to take the credit. PRO TIP: be a good listener when she tells you how brilliant you are in coming up with this list.

Image by Mike Newbry

Inspiring Landscapes

Summer 2023

For the poet and artist lurking within, these are the happy places that inspire deep and reflective thoughts. For instance, "Wow, look at that mountain reflection in that lake. It's like a mirror. Only deeper, and wetter!"

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